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Matthew Eden Series Character: Marc Savage

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Countdown to Crisis Robert Hale 1968 "The CIA search for a missing American diplomat"
Flight of Hawks Robert Hale 1969 US: Abelard-Schuman 1970
"Downing of a U.S. spy plane over Russia"
Dangerous Exchange Robert Hale 1969 MI5 are to return a Russian spy, against the iwshes of the US"
Man Who Fell Robert Hale 1970 "A Russian spy hijacks a plane with MS aboard!"
The Gild-Edged Traitor Abelard-Schuman 1972 Raven Book series. Not in British Library
"The CIA's whole Czech operation is in danger"
Conquest Before Autumn Abelard 1973 US: Abelard-Schuman, New York, 1973
Also appeared in a Omnibus: Detective Book Club , 1973
"Savage, newspaperman and ex-CIA agent, and Otis Stilwell"
The Murder of Lawrence of Arabia New English Library 1979 US: Crowell 1979, Hubin dates incorrect
"Fictional account suggesting Lawrence was murdered"
Document of the Last Nazi Hamish Hamilton 1979 UK paperback: Sphere 1980
"Rudolf Hess and a blend of fact and fiction"

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Matthew Eden Author Biography - Information About the Author
Matthew Eden, Canadian born newspaper correspondent, is a Hubin listed crime and mystery author, his main series character is Marc Savage, though Hubin calls for "Mark".
Book collectors will find the early books on Robert Hale very difficult to find in collectable condition with dust jackets. The few that were printed went mostly to public library allocations.
When you see more than one book published in the same year we've ordered them as per the instutional libraries listing order.

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