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Mary Fitt

Sky Rocket

Nicholson and Watson 1938

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COLIN was unquestionably an artist. The lake in the grounds of his country house provided a perfect background for his set-piece and, furthermore, on the lake there was a boat, a yellow lantern hung at the prow, which moved to and fro idly, its oars dipping silently, scarcely rippling the surface. On the opposite shore the flames of torches crossed and recrossed as the workmen finished their labour and fixed the last of the rockets into their holders. Certainly no man could have devised a better place for the firework display which Colin had arranged to inaugurate Maryse Nagy's career aa a film star. But if it was a perfect setting for pyrotechnics it was undoubtedly a more than perfect setting for murder —and amongst the guests, gathered together in groups about the shore of the lake or wandering in twos or threes through the woods, there were, unfortunately, a number of people who, for one reason or another, had murder in their hearts..., Miss Fitt enlarges the scope of her technique with every book she writes. We have no hesitation in recommending SKY-ROCKET as something quite out of the ordinary in the way of detective stories,

Mary Fitt


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