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Mary Fitt

Murder of a Mouse

Nicholson and Watson 1939

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IN A SENSE, it all started over the question of buying a field, Harvey should have known his sister. Mouse, well enough to realise that she would be quite unmoved at the prospect of sixteen houses to the acre appearing next to the Hall. She was, on the other hand, instantly wary on any matter which affected the future or the security of her protege, Francis Hewison, even though it apparently involved willing to him the considerable fortune that by rights should have gone to her niece, Derry. Then there was the scandalous affair of Mouse, Mrs. Stanton-Pell and Mrs. Stokes; the deplorable fight between Francis and Dick Stanton-Pell; the odd relationship between Dr. Pamela Cloud and Francis. All factors that caused no end of confusion in the mind of Superintendent Mallett during his investigations into the unfortunate, but not entirely unforeseen, murder of Miss Margaret (Mouse) Harringdon. Those who have not been fortunate enough previously to come across the cultured crime purveyed by Miss Fitt will be foolish if they miss this opportunity.

Mary Fitt


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