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Mary Fitt

The Three Hunting Horns

Nicholson and Watson 1937
Jacket artwork by Hastain

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COLONEL ANDERSON was not usually fanciful, but when the gong sounded in the Chateau de la Frelonnerie on that fateful night in September he had the odd idea that it sounded more like an alarm than a summonsto dine. When, later in the evening, he joined the queer party who gathered in the vast gloomy hall to hear the Marquis exhibit his virtuosity on the hunting horn, he had even more reason to anticipate that he would not experience that enjoyment that such an unusual performance merited. Certainly, during all the centuries that the Chateau had lived in the history of France, never before had it better deserved to be called La Frelonnerie —The Hornet's Nest. For, as the Marquis raised the horn to his lips with a flourish that set the tassel dancing. Death approached the Chateau, and barely had the third tremulous phrase died away before he had claimed his victims. This is another unusual novel of crime and detection, and it is full of that suspense arising from situations that we expect from the author of "Three Sisters Flew Home.

Mary Fitt     Hastain


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