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Mary Fitt

Death on Herons Mere

Michael Joseph 1941
Jacket artwork by Barlow

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PUBLISHING DURING THE EARLY spring of this year, Death and Mary Dazill has survived the misfortune of bombs and destruction to become one of the classics of crime fiction, "it is," said Punch, "an unforgettable book, and its clear, crisp and beautiful prose, as well as the unusual theme, raise it very high above the average thriller." Recommended by the Book Society—an unusual honour for a crime novel—it was widely praised and achieved record sales for its author. Death on Herons' Mere has the same originality and same polished brilliance of performance. The murder of Giles Gabb and the mystery that surrounded the dark waters of Herons' Mere are likely to be remembered for consolidating Miss Fitt's position amongst the half-dozen best crime novelists of our time.

Mary Fitt


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