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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Old Myddelton's Money Harper 1875 UK: 1874 Hurst
Hidden Perils Harper 1876 UK: 1874 Hurst
The Squire's Legacy Harper 1876 UK: 1875 Hurst
Victor and Vanquished Harper 1876 UK: 1874 Hurst
The Arundel Motto Harper 1877 UK: 1877 Blackett
Nora's Love Test Harper 1877 UK: 1876 Hurst
Back to the Old Home Harper 1878  
A Dark Inheritance Harper 1878  
A Shadow on the Threshold Harper 1878  
Under the will, and other tales Hurst 1878  
Brenda Yorke Harper 1879 UK: 1875 Hurst
The Sorrow of a Secret. Harper Harper 1879  
For Her Dear Sake Harper 1880 UK: 1830 Hurst
Missing! Harper 1880 UK: 1881 Hurst
Into the Shade, and other stories Harper 1881  
Dorothy's Venture Harper 1882 UK: 1882 Hurst
Among the Ruins Harper 1882  
Bid Me Discourse Harper 1883 UK: 1883 Hurst
Lester's Secret Harper 1886 UK: 1885 Hurst
A Wicked Girl Harper 1886 UK: 1886 Hurst

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Further Information
Mary Cecil Hay, born 1840 to 1886 and that's it !. The checklist of books is somewhat complex, priority seems to change between English and American edition, several having no British edition at all. This is not as complete as we like to be but at least there is now a bibliography on the internet that has been checked via all major national libraries.


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