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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
No Through Road Collins 1965  
No Return Ticket Ditto 1966  
Danger Money Ditto 1968  
Hunt to a Kill Ditto 1969  
Deadline Collins 1971  
Advisory Service Ditto 1971  
Concrete Evidence Ditto 1972  
Double Hit Ditto 1973  
Crime Wave Collins 1974  
Phantom Holiday Ditto 1974  
The Client Ditto 1975  
Murder by the Mile Ditto 1975  
Double Deal Ditto 1976  
Terror Trade Hale 1976 as Mark Lester
Mr. T. London Collins 1977  
Dial Death Ditto 1977  
Daylight Robbery Ditto 1978  
A Dangerous Place to Dwell Ditto 1978  
Touchdown Ditto 1979  
Death Fuse Ditto 1980  
Catspaw Collins 1980  
Backlash Ditto 1981  
All Pan of the Service Ditto 1982  
Rainblast Ditto 1982  
The Search for Sara Ditto 1983  
A View to Ransom Hale 1983 as James Arney
A Domestic Affair Collins 1984  

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Further Information
Martin Russell, born 25 September 1934 in England, had one main series character, Jim Larkin. As well as his novels he also worked as a journalist. He also wrote under the pseudonyms James Arney and Mark Lester.


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