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Martin Edwards Series Characters:
Detective Chief Inspector Hannah Scarlett - Daniel Kind Harry Devlin

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction titles

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
All the Lonely People Piatkus 1991 Harry Devlin
Suspicious Minds Piatkus 1992 Harry Devlin
I Remember You Piatkus 1993 Harry Devlin
Yesterday’s Papers Piatkus 1994 Harry Devlin
Eve of Destruction Piatkus 1996 Harry Devlin
The Devil in Disguise Hodder and Stoughton 1998 Harry Devlin
First Cut is the Deepest Hodder & Stoughton 1999 Harry Devlin
Take My Breath Away Allison & Busby 2002
The Coffin Trail Allison & Busby 2004 Lake District Mystery
The Cipher Garden Allison & Busby 2006 Lake District Mystery
The Arsenic Labyrinth Allison & Busby 2007 Lake District Mystery
Waterloo Sunset Allison & Busby 2008 Harry Devlin
Dancing for the Hangman Flambard Press 2008
The Serpent Pool Allison & Busby 2010 Lake District Mystery
The Hanging Wood Allison & Busby 2011 Lake District Mystery
The Frozen Shroud Allison & Busby 2013 Lake District Mystery
The Dungeon House Allison & Busby 2015 Lake District Mystery
Gallows Court Head of Zeus 2018 Rachel Savernake
Mortmain Hall Head of Zeus 2020 Rachel Savernake

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Martin Edwards Biography - Information About the Author
Martin Edwards is well documented online so we'll confine our thoughts to personal experience and for the collector.
Collectors wishing to put together a full set of first edition books in dust jacket would do well to start their Martin Edward's collection now as they are disappearing into collections and many of the first edition hardback print runs, as usual in Britain, are modest with many going to public libraries.

Martin Edwards is firmly entrenched in the world of Crime Fiction and regularly attends associated events which means signed copies of his first editions are within reach. New collecotrs should check the publishers number lines, when applicable, to ensure first edition status.
There are also some excellent non-fiction reference books in Edward's bibliography: The Golden Age of Murder (2015), Taking Detective Fiction Seriously (2017) and The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books (2017) - all of which are highly recommended.

DCI Hannah Scarlett and Daniel Kind in the Lake District Mysteries will be of particular interest to book collectors as the character Marc Amos is a rare book dealer who also has a bookshop in the Lake District and these books are peppered with references to collectable books which those of us who collect books will enjoy - a rare literary treat.

I've read the whole lake District series but, at the time of writing, none of the Harry Devlin books although I have read Gallows Court and it marks a departure for Martin Edwards it being set in the 1930s and is, in my opinion, the best book of his I've read.

Many authors forgotten by the public, though keenly sought by collectors, have seen the light of day once again thanks to Martin Edward's work with the British library reissues of Golden Age titles. These books have given readers a chance they once didn't have, the ability to read these books as many only exist in first edition form and even if they can be sourced are prohibitively expensive for the reader.

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