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This Martin Brett bibliography or checklist features only the crime fiction titles written by the author.
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Exit in Green Dodd Mead 1953 UK: as Murder Came Tumbling
Hammond 1959. Red cloth black letters
Dust jacket priced 10/6
The Darker Traffic Dodd Mead 1954 Also published by Popular Library as
Blondes Are My Trouble. 1955
Hot Freeze Dodd Mead 1954  
Flee from Terror Popular Library 1957  
A Dum-Dum for the President Hammond 1961  
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Dust Jacket Artist: Unknown

Further Information
Martin Brett is a pseudonym used by Douglas Sanderson, his main series character was Mike Garfin.

First Page of Murder Came Tumbling
THE conductor returned my ticket, said we should be five minutes more, monsieur, and moved on down the train. I looked from the window and watched the magnificent scenery roll slowly past. Evening was coming, there was a calm over the pine-covered mountains and a deep stillness on the passing lakes. Clearly, the ideal place for the rest-cure the doctor had ordered. I leaned back against the upholstery and thought of the past few months. The same thing has happened, I know, to other would-be playwrights who think their first play has been accepted. Perhaps I took it harder than was necessary. Certainly I should have listened when, my agent told me to stick to features and short stories. But life being what it is, and agents being what they are, I thought I knew better. I was wrong. I had to discover it the hard way. Things were going well with my other writing the day Max Schofield took an option on the play. He paid me a thousand dollars. The cheque turned my head. It was not exactly the money, for I had several times made more than that on a single story.


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