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Marion Bramhall Series Character: Kit (Marsden) Acton

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Button Button Doubleday Doran 1944 A mystery in Cape Cod
Murder Solves a Problem Doubleday Doran 1944 A New England based Kit Acton mystery
Tragedy in Blue Doubleday Crime Club 1945 Backdrop is Massachusetts
Murder is an Evil Business Doubleday Crime Club 1948 Book set in Cape Cod
Murder is Contagious Doubleday Crime Club 1949 An Academic Mystery set in Michigan
Reissued in a compendium by Unicorn Mystery Book club

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Marion Bramhall Author Biography - Information About the Author
Marion Bramhall is a crime and mystery author.
We are currently unsure of the order of the first two books, we've been unable to pin it down for sure.
The books were not published in Great Britain and the American first editions are not common in collectable condition with dust jackets.
I've found no paperback editions in the Library of Congress.
We have no personal details about this author so if you can help please do email us any information you may have and we'll update this bibliography.

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