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The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Heart of Penelope Heinemann 1904  
The Uttermost Farthing Heinemann 1908  
When No Man Pursueth Heinemann 1910  
The Chink in the Armour Methuen 1912  
The Lodger Methuen 1913  
The End of Her Honeymoon Methuen 1914 US precedes
Good Old Anna Hutchinson 1915  
The Price of Admiralty Newnes 1915 No US edition
Love and Hatred Hall 1917  
Out of the War Hall 1918 No US edition
The Lonely House Hutchinson 1920  
Why They Married Heinemann 1923  
The Terriford Mystery Hutchinson 1924  
Some Men and Women Hutchinson 1925 Feb '25. DJ 7/6
Bread of Deceit Hutchinson 1925 Oct '25. DJ 7/6. US: Afterwards
What Really Happened Hutchinson 1926 DJ priced at 7/6
Thou Shalt Not Kill Hutchinson 1927 July 27. DJ priced at 7/6
The Story of Ivy Heinemann 1927 Nov 27. DJ priced at 7/6
Cressida : No Mystery Heinemann 1928 DJ priced at 6/-
One of Those Ways Heinemann 1929 Jan 29. DJ priced at 7/6
Love's Revenge Readers Library 1929 Jul 29. DJ priced at 6d. No US
Letty Lynton Heinemann 1931 DJ priced at 7/6
Love is a Flame Benn 1932 Feb 32. DJ priced at 9d. No US
Jenny Newstead Heinemann 1932 Aug 32. DJ priced at 7/6
The Reason Why Benn 1932 Sept 32. DJ priced at 9d. No US
Another Man's Wife Heinemann 1934 DJ priced at 7/6
The Chianti Flask Heinemann 1935 DJ 7/6. US precedes
Who Rides on a Tiger Heinemann 1936 DJ 7/6. US precedes
The House by the Sea Heinemann 1937 Apr 37. DJ 7/6. US: Vanderlyn's Adventure, 1931
The Marriage Broker Heinemann 1937 Oct 37. DJ 7/6. US: Fortune of Bridget Malone
Motive Hutchinson 1938 DJ 7/6. US: Why it Happened
The Injured Lover Hutchinson 1939 Jan 39. DJ 7/6. US: Second Key, 1936
And Call it Accident Hutchinson 1939 June 39. DJ 7/6. US precedes
Reckless Angel Longman 1939 US, no UK
Lizzie Borden Hutchinson 1940 Jan 40. DJ 8/3. US precedes
The Christine Diamond Hutchinson 1940 Aug 40. DJ 8/6
Before the Storm Longman 1941 US, no UK
The Labours of Hercules Todd 1943 Not in the ECB. No US

Further Information
Marie Belloc Lowndes was born in England in 1868 and was the sister of the author Hilaire Belloc. She wrote extensively, and was an important figure in the development of the genre. She is perhaps best known today for The Lodger, a sought after book, in some part due to the Jack the Ripper style connection. It does demonstrate her talent though, and is a book that still stands up well today. As well as the criminous work listed above she also wrote eleven other novels, short stories, plays and works of non-fiction. She passed away in 1947.


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