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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Cover Up Story Collins 1971 Douglas Perkins
Murder on Show Collins 1972 Douglas Perkins
Pretty Lady Collins 1973
The Stalking Lamb Collins 1974
Unfair Exchange Collins 1974
Murder Sails at Midnight Collins 1975
There Must be Some Mistake Collins 1975
Untimely Guest Collins 1976
The Lord Mayor of Death Collins 1977
Murder Murder Little Star Collins 1977
Tightrope for Three Collins 1978
So Soon Done For Collins 1979
The Twelve Deaths of Christmas Collins 1979
Dangerous to Know Collins 1980
Queue Here for Murder Collins 1980
Bejewelled Death Collins 1981
Death Warmed Up Collins 1982
Death Beside the Seaside Collins 1982
A Fool for Murder Collins 1983
The Cruise of a Deathtime Collins 1983
A Trail of Ashes Collins 1984
Death Swap Collins 1984

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