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Margaret Scherf Bibliography

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Series Characters: Henry Bryce - Emily Murdock

The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
It is in order of original US publication date
We are always interesting in buying pre 1940 UK first editions in dust jacket
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Corpse Grows a Beard Partridge 1946 US: 1940
The Case of the Kippered Corpse Putnam 1941 No UK
They Came to Kill Putnam 1942 No UK
The Owl in the Cellar Nimmo 1947 US: 1945
Always Murder a Friend Low 1949 US: 1948
Murder Makes Me Nervous Sampson Low 1952 US: 1948
Gilbert's Last Toothache Doubleday 1949 No UK
The Gun in Daniel Webster's Bust Doubleday 1949 Dust jacket artwork by Vera Bock. No UK boiok
The Curious Custard Pie Doubleday 1950 No UK
The Green Plaid Pants Doubleday 1951 No UK
The Elk and the Evidence Doubleday 1952 No UK
Dead Senate Office Building Doubleday 1953 No UK
Glass on the Stairs Arthur Barker 1955 US: 1954
The Cautious Overshoes Doubleday 1956 No UK
Judicial Body Doubleday 1957 No UK
Never Turn Your Back Doubleday 1959 No UK
Death and the Diplomat Robert Hale 1964 US: Diplomat and the Gold Piano
Corpse in the Flannel Nightgown Robert Hale 1966 US: 1965
The Banker's Bones Robert Hale 1969 US: 1968
The Beautiful Birthday Cake Doubleday 1971 No UK
To Cache a Millionaire Doubleday 1972 No UK
If You Want Murder Well Done Doubleday 1974 No UK
Don't Wake Me Up While I'm Driving Robert Hale 1978 US: 1977
The Beaded Banana Robert Hale 1979 US: 1978

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Further Information
Margaret Scherf was born in West Virginia on 1 April 1908. Her series characters were; Emily and Henry Bryce, the Reverend Martin Buell, Lieutenant Ryan and Grace Severance. She also wrote a non-criminous novel, Wedding Train, and three children's books. The majority of her books were not published in England, those that were are preceded by the US edition. The bibliography is in order of original US publication date. Several of the titles were reissued in the States under alternative titles.

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