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Margaret Echard Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Stand-In for Death Doubleday, Doran 1940 Set in Los Angeles
A Man Without Friends Doubleday 1940 Basis for the film noir
Lightning Strikes Twice
Before I Wake Doubleday Crime Club 1943 Based in Claifornia
If This Be Treason Doubleday 1944 Book based in Oregan
The Dark Fantastic Doubleday 1947
Return of Christopher Doubleday 1951
Unbelieving Wife Longmans Green 1955
Born in Wedlock Doubleday 1956 Dust jacket artwork by Paul Galdone
UK: Michael Joseph 1958
So Brief a Journey Doubleday 1962
Hoofs, Paws, and Hands Golden Gate 1968 Children's book, illustrated by Bernard Garbutt
Who Killed Frankie Leash ? Curtis Books 1973 Paperback original? Book set in California
I Met Murder on the Way Doubleday Crime Club 1965 Set in Kentucky
UK: Robert Hale 1967

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Margaret Echard Author Biography - Information About the Author
Margaret Echard is a Hubin listed author.
Who Killed Frankie Leash ? is listed in Hubin but does not appear in the US LIbrary of Congress or the British Library.
There are a couple of books in this list that are not included in Hubin but we've included them in the interest of a complete list of books.

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