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Magdalen Nabb - Series Character Salvatore Guarnaccia

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Death of an Englishman Collins Crime Club 1981 Red cloth, gilt lettering
Death of a Dutchman Collins Crime Club 1982 Red boards, gilt lettering
Death in Springtime Collins Crime Club 1983 Red cloth, gilt titles
Death in Autumn Collins Crime Club 1985 Red cloth, gilt lettering
The Marshall and the Murderer Collins Crime Club 1987 Red cloth, gilt lettering
Marshall and the Mad Woman Collins Crime Club 1988 Red/gilt. Dust jacket £9.95
The Marshal's Own Case Collins Crime Club 1990 Red cloth, gilt lettering
The Marshal Makes His Report Collins Crime Club 1991 Red cloth, gilt lettering
Marshal at the Villa Torrini Collins Crime Club 1993 Red boards, gilt lettering
The Monster of Florence Harper Collins 1996
Some Bitter Taste Heinemann 2003 Printer's key: 1,3,5,7,9,10,8,6,4,2
Property of Blood Heinemann 2004
The Innocent Heinemann 2005
Vita Nuova Heinemann 2008

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Magdalen Nabb Biography - Information About the Author
Magdalen Nabb was born in 1947 and died in 2007.
Collectors will find the later books very reasonably priced for such a good author albeit one under many people's radar.
The early books are scarce, personal experience suggests the second book harder to find in fine condition than the first.
This often confuses people as it's not obvious but so often an author's first book doesn't sell as well as the publisher hoped so print runs are scaled back for the second book.
Ex public library copies are numerous and clearly account for a large proportion of the print runs on earlier books.
Because this site concentrates on crime and mystery fiction we've not included Magdalen Nabb's children's books.

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