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Madeleine Brent Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Tregaron's Daughter Souvenir Press 1971 US: Doubleday 1971
The book is set in Venice in the 1900s
Moonraker's Bride Souvenir Press 1973 US: Doubleday 1973
Book set in China
Kirkby's Changeling Souvenir Press 1975 US: Doubleday 1976 as Stranger at Wildings
Backdrop England in 1900
Merlin's Keep Souvenir 1977 US: Doubleday 1978
The Capricorn Stone Souvenir 1979 Dust jacket artist Mike Codd
US: Doubleday 1980
Backrop Britain 1900
The Long Masquerade Souvenir 1981 US: Doubleday 1982
A couple runaway in fear of arrest
A Heritage of Shadows Souvenir 1983 Dust jacket artwork by Oliver Frey
US: Doubleday 1984
Set in 1890 in Paris, London and Mexico
Stormswift Souvenir 1984 Dustwrapper artwork by Val Sassoon
US: Doubleday 1985
Golden Urchin Souvenir 1986 Cover illustrated by Linda Fennimore
US: Knopf Doubleday 1987
An English girl brought up among Aborigines

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Madeleine Brent Author Biography - Information About the Author
Madeleine Brent is a pseudonym of Modesty Blaise author Peter O'Donnell.
The books are listed in Hubin's crime fiction reference book but they are more Gothic Mystery rather the crime fiction in our opinion.
The earlier books, UK first editions, are not common, some really quite rare and they are collectable. This is, in our opinion, primarily due to the Modesty Blaise and Peter O'Donnell connection which does make them reasonably expensive books at times.
There are plenty of paperbacks for readers which are easily sourced online for modest sums.

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