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Macdonald Hastings Series Character: Montague Cork

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction titles

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Cork on the Water Michael Joseph 1951 US first: Random House 1951
Also published as Fish and Kill Mercury 1952
Cork in Bottle Michael Joseph 1953 Dust jacket artwork by Richard Barton
US: Knopf 1954. Reprinted by Tom Stacey in 1972
Cork and the Serpent Michael Joseph 1955 Reprinted by Severn House 1975
Cork in the Doghouse Michael Joseph 1957 Dust jacket artwork by John Hanna
American edition: Knopf 1958
A Glimpse of Arcadia Michael Joseph 1960 Reprinted by Michael Joseph in 1974
Cork on the Telly Michael Joseph 1966 US edition: as Cork on Location. Walker 1967
Reprinted by Remploy, 1979
Mary Celeste Michael Joseph 1972
Diane : A Victorian Michael Joseph 1974

Macdonald Hastings Biography - Information About the Author
Macdonald Hastings, born 1909 (re the British Library). We've included the American first edition publications as and when applicable. British editions precede US books in all cases.
We've included some titles which are not crime fiction in nature, I believe all his crime and mystery books feature his series character. Readers are well served with Penguin paperback reissues and also later printings, some noted in the bibliography.
Collectors will find the books reasonably priced, a full set in dust jackets is within grasp and they benefit from some decent artwork too.


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