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John D Macdonald

The Deceivers

Robert Hale 1968
Jacket design by Barbara Walton

The Deceivers John D Macdonald

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John D Macdonald     Barbara Walton

Sample from The Deceivers by John D Macdonald
THE new County Memorial Hospital was just beyond the eastern edge of the city of Hillton. It had been opened less than a year ago, a four storey, U-shaped structure of pale tan stone with aluminium trim, curving walks, plantings, a large asphalted parking area. It was in pleasant country of rolling hills, spangled with the bright colours of the ranch types and split levels of the middle income housing developments that had grown up since the war. The hospital itself was a half mile from a long climbing curve of the six lane turnpike that had been opened hi 1955.

Carl Garrett had told himself, and told Joan—possibly too many times—that it certainly would be a lot more pleasant for her hi the new hospital than down in the dingy old red brick structure on Gollmer Street in the middle of the city. At County Memorial she would only be a little over a mile and a half from home. Sunday, the fourteenth day of July, was a most peculiar day for them. Dr. Bernie Madden, family doctor and family friend, had confirmed the presence of ovarian tumours large enough to merit removal back in April, and he had agreed that July would be soon enough, when both Kip and Nancy would be away at summer camp for six weeks.

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