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John D Macdonald

Deadly Welcome

Robert Hale 1961
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Deadly Welcome John D Macdonald

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John D Macdonald

Sample from Deadly Welcome by John D Macdonald
HE HAD BEEN on special assignment in Montevideo, had been there only a month when, without warning, they had cabled him home. He got Pan Am to Miami and Eastern to Washington. On the April morning after his arrival, he took his written report on his half-completed job to his chief of section at State, and made his verbal report to the chief and two of his aides, carefully concealing his surprise and irritation at being pulled off, and his curiosity at who might be assigned to complete the job. And his greater curiosity at what might be in store for him. Shoemacher said to him, "Alex, I might say off the record that I do not approve of this sort of thing. I do not believe that any other agency should be entitled to reach down into my section and lift one of my better people. But, because I do not have the facts as to how important or necessary this action is, and because the orders came, quite bluntly, from upstairs, I am in no position to protest. The loan period is indefinite. When they return you, Alex, I will be curious to learn your opinion as to whether this was . . . necessary." "Who wants me?" "The name and room number is on this slip. A Colonel Presser. Pentagon. He'll see you at any time." He taxied to the Pentagon and found Presser's office at eleven thirty. The girl looked blank and aloof until he said

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