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This M.V. Heberden Cameron bibliography or checklist list the crime or mystery books written by the author.
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Death on the Door Mat Doubleday 1939  
Fugitive from Murder Doubleday 1940  
Subscription to Murder Doubleday 1940  
Aces, Eights, and Murder Doubleday 1941  
The Lobster Pick Murder Doubleday 1941  
Murder Follows Desmond Shannon Doubleday 1942 UK: 1949 Robert Hale
Murder Makes a Racket Doubleday 1942  
Murder Goes Astray Doubleday 1943 UK: 1951 Robert Hale
Murder of a Stuffed Man Doubleday 1944  
To What Dread End Doubleday 1944 UK: 1952 Robert Hale
Vicious Pattern Doubleday 1945 UK: 1952 Robert Hale
Murder cancels All Debts Doubleday 1946 UK: 1947 Walter Edwards
Light brown cloth, brown titles. DJ 7/6
Drinks on the Victim Doubleday 1947  
They Can't All Be Guilty Doubleday 1947  
The Case of the Eight Brothers Doubleday 1948  
Engaged to Murder Doubleday 1949  
Exit This Way Doubleday 1950 UK: 1954 Robert Hale
That's the Spirit Doubleday 1950 UK: 1951 Clerke
as Ghosts Can't Kill
The Sleeping Witness Doubleday 1951 UK: 1955 Robert Hale
Tragic Target Doubleday 1952 UK: 1953 Robert Hale
Murder Unlimited Doubleday 1953 UK: 1954 Robert Hale
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Mary Violet Heberden Murder Cancels all Debts

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Mary Violet Heberden ~ Further Information ~ Biography
The author was born 1906, her main series characters were Rick Vanner and Desmond Shanon. She also wrote under the pseudonym Charles L Leonard.

Synopsis from Murder Cancels All Debts
An amoral woman can incur debts of hatred and revenge as well as money, and while murder may cancel all of these, a murderer still has to reckon with justice. M. V. Heberden, whose reputation was first based on fast, hard-boiled stories, has turned to this study of a small group of people under the strain of suspicion and has mixed suspense and fine characterization into this psychological pot purri. Celeste Mather was a complete egoist and refused to believe that the rules of give, and take could apply lo her. Mhr. only took other peoples husbands, other people's money, even her own husband's integrity. When she was found shot there was every reason to believe that her husband had finally exacted payment for the ruin she had made of his life. A proper police, investigation iras made, impossible by a flood that isolated the group of people which had had most to do with Celeste, but a naval officer, determined to see justice done, set the stage for a showdown in which courage of two kinds was the deciding factor.


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