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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
A Ring of Rubies Innes 1892  
This Troublesome World Chatto 1893 with Clifford Halifax
The Voice of the Charmer Chatto 1893 3 volumes to 1895
Stories from the Diary of a Doctor Newnes 1894 with Clifford Halifax
Dr Rumsey's Patient Chatto 1896 with Clifford Halifax
A Son of Ishmael White 1896  
Under the Dragon Throne Wells 1897 with Kennaway Douglas
A Master of Mysteries Lock 1898 with Robert Eustace
The Gold Star Line Lock 1899 with Robert Eustace
The Brotherhood of the Seven kings Lock 1899 with Robert Eustace
On the Brink of a Chasm Chatto 1899  
Where the Shoe Pinches Chambers 1900 with Clifford Halifax
The Sanctuary Club Lock 1900 with Robert Eustace
A Race with the Sun Lock 1901 with Clifford Halifax
The Blue Diamond Chatto 1901 No US edition
The Secret of the Dead White 1901 No US edition
Confessions of a Court Milner Long 1902 No US edition
A Double Revenge Long 1902 No US edition
The Lost Square Lock 1902 with Robert Eustace
The Sorceress of the Strand Lock 1903  
Silenced Lock 1904  
The Oracle of Maddox Street Lock 1904  
The Adventures of Miranda Long 1904 No US edition
The Golden Shadow Long 1906 No US edition
The Chateau of Mystery Everett 1907 No US edition
The Home of Silence Sisley's 1907 No US edition
The Red Ruth Laurie 1907 No US edition
The Necklace of Parmona Lock 1909 No US edition
Micah Faraday Adventurer Lock 1910  
Twenty-Four Hours White 1911 No US edition
The House of the Black Magic White 1912 No US edition

Further Information
LT Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina Meade, was born in Ireland in 1854 and passed away in 1914. She was one of the world's most prolific writers of children's books for girls. She wrote a huge number of titles, more than I care to count hence the vagueness, though thankfully given the nature of the site we have included only her mystery titles. It appears that all titles post 1899 were not published in the USA.


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