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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Unknown Woman Robert Hale 1968
Woman Out of Nowhere Robert Hale 1968
Fear Among the Shadows Robert Hale 1969 Also in Woman's Life Romances no. 214
US: Ace 1974, book set in Los Angeles
House of Intrigue Robert Hale 1970 US: Dell 1972
A death and a fortune inherited
Conspiracy of Love Robert Hale 1971
The Impossible Dream Robert Hale 1973 US: Ace paperback 1975 as
To Dream of Evil
"Death turns marriage into a screaming nightmare"
Passing Stranger Robert Hale 1974 Also in My Weekly Story Libray No.18
US: St Martin's 1974
A Quiet Passion Robert Hale 1975 Hubin states 1974, libraries 1975
US: St Martin's 1975
The Silent Image Robert Hale 1976
Edge of Betrayal Robert Hale 1977
Two Faces of Sylvia Robert Hale 1978

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Louise Hoffman Author Biography - Information About the Author
Louise Hoffman is listed in Hubin's crime and mystery reference guide book.
American first edition books are noted as and when applicable, they are more common than the British books.
Most of the UK editions are rare, usual reason with this publisher, very small print runs the majority of which went to public libraries, makes first edition with dust jackets in collectable condition very difficult to find.
We've included Lousie Hoffman on the site as the author is included in Hubin, they are mostly borderline in the crime and mystery genre, in our opinion at least.

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