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Louisa Bronte Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Lord Satan Avon Books 1972 Satanic powers in a castle shrouded in evil
Her Demon Lover Avon Books 1973 Dark powers in the Balkan mountains
Greystone Tavern Ballantine Books 1975 Royalist and revolutionaries - New England in 1776
Casino Greystone Ballantine Books 1976 Sinister gamblers and decadent ladies, New England USA
Moonlight at Greystone Ballantine Books 1976 Rum runners and a beautiful actress
Greystone Heritage Ballantine Books 1976 A restored tavern and a pirate's treasure
Freedom Trail to Greystone Ballantine Books 1976 Fugitive slaves and treacherous sisters
Gathering at Greystone Ballantine Books 1976 Savage traitors and a beautiful spy, set in 1812 America
The Valette Heritage Jove Publications 1978 Four generations of a great American family lost
Van Rhyne Heritage Jove Publications 1979 The conflicts of an American dynasty
Gunther Heritage Jove Publications 1981 Frontier fur traders
This Shining Splendor Berkeley Publications 1984 The lived fiercely together

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Louisa Bronte Author Biography - Information About the Author
Louisa Bronte is a pseudonym of Janet Louise Roberts born 1925 and died 1982.
She is listed in Hubin's crime fiction reference guide but is more Gothic than criminous in our humble opinion.
She also wrote under the names; Rebecca Danton and Janette Radcliffe.
All of the books listed in this Louisa Bronte bibliography are paperback originals, softcover first editions, and published in America.
The British Library lists only two books, The Vallette Heritage and The van Rhyne Heritage published in paperback by Fontana in 1979 and 1980 respectively.
Most of these books are quite common and reasonably priced though some are quite scarce and do seem to attract high priced from internet sellers.
Whilst paperback first editions usually have larger print runs than hardcover books they do tend to have a higher rate of attrition and can be scarcer than you'd imagine

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