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Picture of Death

Collins Crime Club 1957
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HAVEN'T you always lived here?" asked Shirley. They had left the parkland arid were climbing up the wooded limestone scarp to the north-west of the house. Richard and Don had gone on ahead and the two girls were following at their own pace. " No. We were both born in London and we didn't •come to live with Gran until father died, in the spring of 1939," replied Celia. " Mummy hadn't any money and when Granny offered to have us both to live here and educate us and all the rest, well I suppose it seemed the most sensible thing to do: so we came and we've stayed ever since." She paused by the bole of a great beech tree and laughed back at Shirley. " I expect you goggled a bit when you first saw the house, didn't you? Most people do. Nothing to what I did—I was eight, and I'd lived in London lodgings till then. It was pretty breath-taking

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