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ECR Lorac

Murder in the Mill Race

Collins Crime Club 1952

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WHEN Dr. Raymond Ferens took a practice at Milham in the Moor in North Devon, he and his wife were enchanted with the little hill-top village lying so close to moor and sky. At first they saw only its charm, but they soon discovered that whenever you get a group of people living together, whether in town or village, you find the same mixed characteristics of humanity envy, hatred and malice, as well as neighbourli-ness and honest-to-God goodness. Everyone said Sister Monica, warden of a children's charity home, was wonderful, a "saint". But was she ? A few months after the Ferens1 arrival her body is found drowned in the mill-race and the investigation of Scotland Yard uncovers some surprising facts. Chief-Inspector Macdonald has one of his most difficult cases because of the village's determination not to help a stranger.

ECR Lorac


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