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ECR Lorac

The dog it was that Died

Collins Crime Club 1952
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ECR Lorac

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WHEN Rodney Bretton, a lecturer in mathematics, is run down by a lorry and killed, it appears to be merely another tragic road accident and as such of only statistical interest to Scotland Yard. When, however, barely two months later his daughter Wendy is found drowned in her bath Chief-Inspector Macdonald is sent to make a few routine enquiries, Macdonald is immediately struck by two curious facts. Rodney Bretton had been comfortably off and had earned a substantial salary, and yet his widow was forced to take in paying guests. His daughter was not the sort of careless person who would take an opiate just before getting into a hot bath, yet the postmortem had proved this to be the case. Does the secret of both tragedies lie behind the locked doors of the steel-lined cupboards which Bretton had had specially constructed in the library ?

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