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The following bibliography contains the authors mystery titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Night of Wenceslas Gollancz 1960  
The Rose of Tibet Gollancz 1962  
A Long Way from Shiloh Gollancz 1966 US: The Menorah Men
Making Good Again Gollancz 1968  
The Sun Chemist Cape 1976  
The Chelsea Murders Cape 1978 US: Murder Games
Kolymsky Heights Heinemann 1994  

Further Information
Lionel Davidson, born 1922 - died 2009, is something of a mystery to us! A superb writer whose output, whilst not prodigious, is of superior quality. It is incredible that he is not better known. Those familiar with his work are well aware of his ability to craft great characters and put them in in vivid settings, often abroad. His achievements have been recognised by the Crime Writers Association, he was a three times CWA Gold Dagger Winner. The books are collectable with Rose of Tibet being, in our experience, the rarest book. The cheap nature of the Gollancz yellow jackets makes fine copies particularly difficult to locate. Anybody not familiar with this writer could do a lot worse than trying at least one book, we highly recommend him.


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