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Linda DuBreuil Bibliography

US First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Nightmare Baby Belmont 1970 A chilling novel of evil powers
This Book is Rated X Midwood Publications 1970
Love Spurt Private Library 1971
The Secret Lancer 1972
Legend of Molly Moor Belmont Tower 1973
The Wholesome Hooker Leisure 1973 Makes the Happy Hooker look like a librarian !!!
Evil Evil Belmont Tower 1973 A story of the diabolical
Kristin Leisure 1974
Rest in Piece Midwood Publications 1974
Without a Man of Her Own Leisure Books 1975
The Girl Who Writes Dirty Books Nordon Publications 1975
Kept Men Leisure Books 1976 The story of women who shun women's lineration
Poppy Leisure Books 1976
Private Practice Leisure Books 1976
Housewife Hustlers Leisure Books 1976 The ultimate in open marriage !!
The Sunday Seducer Leisure Books 1976 Ladies of the Ferry Choir come a cropper
Only on Sunday Leisure Books 1977
Heyday Manor Books 1978
Mirror Image Belmont Tower 1979 Her roots were in murder and mystery
Crooked Letter Belmont 1979 The letters were vicious but true !
So Dear, So Deadly Leisure 1979
Deadly Party Dorchester 1979 Election night and people are getting murdered
Sex Clinic Dorchester ? A frank account of life in a sex clinic !!
Follow the Leader Belmont Tower 1979 A cult of death holds people hostage
Some Call It Perjury Leisure Books 1979 To court for divorce and charged with murder
Double Standard Dorchester 1980
Break a Leg Zebra 1980

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Linda DuBreuil Author Biography - Information About the Author
Linda DuBreuil, Hubin lists her as Elizabeth Lorinda Du Breuil born 1924.
All of these books were first published in softcover, no hardback first editions.
The Trial, New English Library, 1970, is the only British publication held by the British Library.
The books are in Hubin's crime fiction reference guide, some are thriller and period adult type books.

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