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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
A Count of Six Collins 1948  
Shadow Play Collins 1949 Purple cloth, silver titles. DW 8/6
Spot the Lady Collins 1950  
Still of Night Collins 1952  
The Black Casket Collins 1953  
The Big M Robert Hale 1973  

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Lester Powell Author Biography - Further Information
Lester Powell, born 1912 had one main series character, Philip Odell. was born in London 36 years ago. After the traditional literary apprenticeship of the drapery shop, the chicken farm and the draughtman's office, he became a film scenario-writer. He served with the R.A.M.C. in France during the early part of the war and was invalided out after Dunkirk.
Then followed a period when he worked as a -reporter on the News Chronicle, Sunday Pictorial and Daily Express and also broadcast regularly in the B.B.C.'s Overseas and European Services. Lester Powell is well known to listeners as a radio dramatist. His first novel, A Count of Six, was published last year.

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