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Leslie Edgley - Robert Bloomfield Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
No Birds Sing Farrar & Rinehart 1940 Not in Hubin
Fear No More Simon & Schuster 1946 An Inner Sanctum Mystery
UK: Arthur Barker 1948
False Face Simon & Schuster 1947 UK: Arthur Barker 1948
Angry Heart Doubleday Crime Club 1947 Also reprinted as: Tracked Down
UK: Arthur Barker 1949. Dust jacket 7/6
The Shadow of Guilt Doubleday 1947 As Robert Bloomfield
Vengeance Street Doubleday 1952 As Robert Bloomfield
Reprinted as Lust for Vengeance. Bestseller 1953
UK edition W.P. Nimmo 1947
From This Death Forward Doubleday 1952 As Robert Bloomfield
Judas Goat Doubleday Crime Club 1952 UK: Arthur Barker 1953
Runaway Pigeon Doubleday Crime Club 1953 UK: as Diamonds Spell Death. Barker 1954
Also published as One Blonde Died. Bestseller 1954
Stranger in Town Doubleday 1953 As Robert Bloomfield
UK: T.V. Boardman 1954
When Strangers Meet Doubleday 1956 As Robert Bloomfield
UK: T.V. Boardman 1957
Kill with Kindness Doubleday 1962 As Robert Bloomfield
UK: TV Boardman 1962
Portrait of a Murder Samuel French 1964 A play
Dirty Business Putnam 1969 UK: Robert Hale 1970
Final Reckoning Robert Hale 1971 Library of Congress list only this UK edition

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Leslie Edgley Author Biography - Information About the Author
Leslie Edgley, born 1912 and died 2002, also wrote as Robert Bloomfield and collabortaed with his wife, Mary Edgley as Brook Hastings.
This has been a complicated bibliogrpahy to commpile and cross reference using the British Library and the American Library of Congress.
The above is a complete list of books, some not included in Hubin.
The books can be found by book collectors, primarily online they're rare in "real life" - American editions more common than British editions due to print runs.

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