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The following Leonard Holton bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Saint Maker Dodd Mead 1959 UK: 1960 Robert Hale
A Pact with Satan Dodd Mead 1960 UK: 1961 Robert Hale
Secret of the Doubting Saint Ditto 1961  
Deliver Us from Wolves Dodd Mead 1963  
Flowers by Request Ditto 1964  
Out of the Depths Dodd Mead 1966  
A Touch of Jonah Ditto 1969  
A Problem in Angels Dodd Mead 1970  
The Mirror of Hell Ditto 1972  
The Devil to Play Ditto 1974  
A Corner of Paradise St. Martin's 1977  

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Leonard Holton Author Biography - Further Information
Leonard Holton, born in Dublin Ireland 9 April 1915 till 22 November 1983, was a pen name for Leonard Wibberley. Wibberley was a very prolific author who wrote many books, including a lot for children. Because this is a mystery fiction site we have only included his crime based novels. All of the above books feature his series character Father Joseph Bredder. Something of an all round character, as well as being Chaplain  for the Convent of Holy Innocents he was also a former marine and expert boxer. They books are set against some very diverse backgrounds which can give a somewhat disjointed feel to the series. Only the first two titles saw an English edition, the American books are relatively easy to obtain and need not cost a great deal of money. The two British titles are rare however, as always with Robert Hale around this time, miniscule print runs with the majority destined for lending libraries

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