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Leonard A. Knight - L.A. Knight Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

Leonard A. Knight Series Character: Jerry Scant

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

L.A. Knight Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Deadman's Bay Sampson Low 1930
Man Hunt 1930
The Creaking Tree Mystery 1931
The Pawn 1931
The Riddle of Nap's Hollow 1932
The Creeping Death Sampson Low 1933
Spring Cruise 1934
Redbeard 1935
Murder by Experiment 1935
Night Express Murder 1936
Death Stands Near Sampson Low 1936
Super Cinema Murder 1937
The S.S. Mystery 1938
Close the Frontier 1939
The Solander Box Mystery 1940
Murder Story Sampson Low 1943 Bodelian calls for 1944. Not in Hubin
Conqueror's Road 1945
Spanish Cove 1945
The Dancing Stones 1946
Judgment Rock 1947
The Brazen Head Sampson Low 1948
Contraband 1949 As: L.A. Knight
Dangerous Knowledge 1950
The Astounding Doctor Yell 1950
The Viking Feast Mystery 1951
The Paying Guest Sampson Low 1951
Rider in the Sky Gryphon Books 1953
High Treason Gryphon Books 1954 A romance, as L.A. Knight
Valley of Green Shadows Gryphon Books 1955
The Morlo Gryphon Books 1956 Illustrated by Peter Scott

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Leonard A. Knight Author Biography - Information About the Author
Leonard Alfred Knight - Leonard A. Knight - L.A. Knight, various forms of his name were used.
If no publisher is noted then it is Sampson Low.
When it comes to the early books collectors should be aware of later editions reprinted in "fat" full-sized format.
Pre 1945 book in dust jacket are rare, especially in collectable condition

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