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Leo Bruce

Our Jubilee is Death

Peter Davies 1959
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"A beastly case", was all schoolmaster-detective Carolus Deene ever had to say about this investigation of his. At the end of the summer term Carolus received a letter from his cousin Fay: "A slightly unpleasant thing has happened here (on the Suffolk coast) and I think the sooner you come down the better for everybody's sake." Walking on the sands before breakfast she had come on the head of the celebrated novelist Lillianne Bomberger. The body had been buried in the sand in an upright position, with only the head protruding: at least one tide had been over it. Carolus quickly learned that Mrs Bomberger was universally detested. Her relations, her secretary, her gardener, her publisher would all have liked to see her dead. And at any rate most of them seemed implicated as it was obvious to Carolus that no-one was prepared to tell him the truth. One of them seemed to have a good reason for holding back vital information, for as soon as she made up her mind to reveal one small incident she herself was murdered. Revolted and frustrated, Carolus decided to retire from the case, although he was certain he knew the murderer, and how, where and why the foul deeds were committed. But, when a third body was found, he realised there could be no escape for him. In Our Jubilee is Death Leo Bruce is at his most ingenious. As always he manages to combine edge-of-the-chair thrills with roll-back-in-the-chair laughter.

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