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Leo Bruce

Furious Old Women

Peter Davies 1960
Jacket artwork by Biro

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CAROLUS DEENE, Senior History Master at the Queen's School, Newminster—and Ace Private Detective—is called to the village of Gladhurst, some 40 miles away from the school, for his new murder case. As it is during the spring term he tells Mrs Bobbin, who has asked him to unmask themurderer of her sister Millicent, that it can only be a part-time job so far as he is concerned. But Mrs Bobbin, who is angry that her sister has been murdered, and who hates policemen, appears to be satisfied. So, on half-holidays and at week-ends, Carolus gets himself involved with a series of typically-fabulous Leo Bruce characters who include a highly unusual retired naval officer, a vicar who is permanently on the horns of a dilemma, his curate who is more of a scoutmaster, a policeman who insists on being called a police officer, and an extraordinary number of furious old women. Leo Bruce has never been more ingenious. As always, the 'clues' are fairly laid and the 'whodunit' expert may spot the murderer; more than that, he may deduce—as Carolus does—which of the furious old women who die—or nearly die—is (a) murdered, (b) accidentally killed or (c) unsuccessfully suicidal.

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