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Leo Bruce

Crack of Doom

Peter Davies 1963
Jacket artwork by Biro

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LEO Bruce's brilliantly ingenious new detective story opens with an extract from a diary: notes made by someone planning the 'perfect', the 'ideal' murder—the one which no police, no detective, could solve. The murderer's gratification will be entirely cerebral, his (or her) triumph being one of. rnind over matter. Up to a point it would seem that nothing could be better planned: the place a remote shelter on the promenade at Selby-on-Sea, the occasion a blustery evening in late November, the victim almost ready made for a crack of doom from a small coal-hammer .... But this is not the first murderer whose plans are upset by an unexpected coincidence and in particular by the unpredictable mind of Carolus Deene, that unique schoolmaster-detective. This is English detective-fiction at its best. As Norman Blood said of A Louse for the Hangman: "As long as stories as excellent as this continue to appear, the detective story is in no danger of dying".

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