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The following Lenore Glen Offord bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Murder on Russian Hill Macrae 1938 UK: 1938 Jarrolds as Murder Before Breakfast
DW 7/6
The 9 Dark Hours Duell 1941 UK: 1941 Eldon
Not in the ECB
Distinguished Visitors Duell ? 194? UK: 1942 Eldon. Duts jacket 8/-, not listed in Hubin
Clues to Burn Duell 1942 UK: 1943. BL calls for Grayson but ECB states Eldon. DW 8/-
Skeleton Key Duell 1943 UK: 1944 Eldon. Dust jacket 8/-. Artwork by Micklewright
The Glass Mask Ditto 1944 UK: 1946 Jarrolds
My True Love Lies Ditto 1947 UK: 1950 Jarrolds as And Turned to Clay
The Smiling Tiger Duell 1949 UK: 1951 Jarrolds
The Marble Forest Knopf 1951 as Theo Durrant
The Girl in the Belfry Fawcett 1957 with Joseph Henry Jackson
Walking Shadow Schuster 1959 UK: 1961 Ward Lock

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Lenore Glen Offord Author Biography - Further Information
Lenore Glen Offord, born 24 October 1905 in Spokane America, had the following series characters; Bill and Coco Hadting and Todd McKinnon. As well as the mystery titles listed she also wrote  two other novels and a juvenile book. There are also two uncollected short stories which appeared in the Ellery Queen magazine.

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