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Series Character: (Doctor SOS) Peter Clancy

The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Mystery of the 13th Floor Century 1919  
The Unlatched Door Century 1920  
That Affair at the Cedars Doubleday 1921 UK: 1924 Hurst & Blackett
Q.E.D Doubleday 1922 UK: 1923 The Puzzle
The Sinister Mark Doubleday 1923 UK: 1923 Hurst & Blackett
The Key Doubleday 1924 UK: 1924 Hurst
Doctor S.O.S Doubleday 1925 UK: 1925 Hurst
Poison Ditto 1926 UK: 1926 Heinemann
Alias Dr. Ely Doubleday 1927 UK: 1927 Hurst & Blackett
The Darkest Spot Sears 1928 UK: 1928 Hurst
Dead Men's Shoes Sears 1929 UK: 1929 Hurst
They Tell No Tales Ditto 1930 UK: 1930 Hurst
The Last Shot Ditto 1931 UK: 1931 Hurst & Blackett
Set a Thief Sears 1931 UK: 1932 as To Catch a Thief
The Glass Knife Sears 1932 UK: 1932 Hurst
The Scrimshaw Millions Ditto 1932 UK: 1933 Hurst
Counterfeit Sears 1933 UK: 1934 as The Counterfeit Bill
Hell-Gate Tides Ditto 1933 UK: 1933 Hurst
The Second Bullet Ditto 1934 UK: 1935 as The Second Shot
Dead Storage Dodd 1935 UK: 1935 The Death Weed
Sudden Death Ditto 1935 UK: 1935 as Red-Handed
Dark of the Moon Dodd 1936 UK: 1937 Death in the Gorge. DJ 7/6
UK dust jacket by Dudley Tennant
Dead End Street Dodd 1936 UK: 1936 Murder in the Mirror
Last Trump Ditto 1937 UK: 1937 Hurst
A Man's Enemies Ditto 1937 UK: 1938 This Man's Doom
That Strange Sylvester Affair Ditto 1938 UK: 1939 Hurst
Ransom Racket Ditto 1938 UK: 1938 Hurst
Lightning Strikes Twice Ditto 1939 UK: 1939 Hurst
Stark Murder Ditto 1939 UK: 1940 Hurst
Guilty! Ditto 1940 UK: 1941 Hurst
X Marks the Spot Ditto 1940 UK: 1941 Hurst
Hallowe'en Homicide Ditto 1941 UK: 1942 Hurst
Persons Unknown Ditto 1941 UK: 1942 Hurst
Murder Is Out Ditto 1942 UK: 1943 Hurst
Murder on Location Ditto 1942 UK: 1944 Hurst
Accessory After the Fact Dodd 1943 UK: 1944 Hurst
Hanging's Too Good Ditto 1943 UK: 1945 Hurst
Out, Brief Candle Ditto 1943 UK: 1950 Hurst
Five Bullets Dodd 1944 UK: 1947 Hurst
A Plain Case of Murder Ditto 1944 UK: 1945 Hurst
Accident, Manslaughter or Murder? Dodd 1945 UK: 1946 Hurst
The Jaws of Death Ditto 1946 UK: 1948 Hurst
A Hair's Breadth Ditto 1946 UK: 1947 Hurst. Dust jacket 9/6
Murder Stalks the Circle Ditto 1947 UK: 1949 Hurst
Pig in a Poke Dodd 1948 UK: 1950 as A Clue for Clancy
Evil Root Dodd 1949 UK: 1951 Hurst
Within the Vault Dodd 1950 UK: 1951 Death Within the Vault
Too Long Endured Ditto 1950 UK: 1952 Hurst
Do Not Disturb Dodd 1951 UK: 1952 as Clancy's Secret Mission
Do Not Disturb Dodd 1951 UK: 1952 Clancy's Secret Mission
UK dust jacket artwork by Peter Rudland
Guilt Edged Dodd 1951 UK: 1953 Guilt-Edged Murder
Blood on the Knight Dodd 1952 UK: 1953 Hurst
The Prisoner Pleads Not Guilty Ditto 1953 UK: 1954 Hurst
Dead Reckoning Dodd 1954 UK: 1955 Murder on the Pacific
No Holiday for Death Ditto 1954 UK: 1955 Hurst
Who Benefits? Ditto 1955 UK: 1956 as Fatal Alibi
Guilt Is Where You Find It Ditto 1957 UK: 1958 Long
Still No Answer Ditto 1958 UK: 1959 as Web of Hate
Two Ways to Die Ditto 1959 UK: 1961 Long
Dead on Arrival Dodd 1960 UK: 1962 Long
And One Cried Murder Dodd 1961 UK: 1962 Long
Dusty Death Dodd 1966 UK: 1966 Death Walks in Shadow

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Further Information
Lee Thayer, born 1874 to 1973, had one main series character who appeared in all but one of the books (Doctor SOS) Peter Clancy. As you can see, and my fingers can attest to, a very prolific author.!
Early UK first edition books in dust jacket are rare and sought after by collectors.
Some of the artwork is fantastic even in the later books


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