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Lee Roberts Bibliography

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Lee Roberts Series Character: Dr Clinton Shannon

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Lee Roberts Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Little Murder Gold Medal 1952 "She was willful and wild, born to feed man's hunger"
Pale Door Dodd Mead 1955 UK: W. Foulsham 1956
Sleep, My Love 1955 A Midnight thriller
Tears for the Bride 1955 A Midnight thriller
The Widow and the Web Frederick Muller 1955
Judas Journey Dodd Mead 1956 UK: Foulsham 1957 as
Mahogany Murder
The Echoing Shore 1956 A Midnight thriller
Once a Widow Dodd Mead 1957 US paperback: Dell Books 1959
UK: Robert Hale 1961
"She was rich, beautiful, and on the make"
Just a Corpse at Twilight ? 1957
The Case of the Missing Lovers Dodd Mead 1957 UK: W. Foulsham & Co 1957
Hand-Picked for Murder 1958 Only in the Bodleian Library, Oxford
Catch a Killer Robert Hale 1958
If the Shoe Fits Dodd Mead 1959 UK: Robert Hale 1960
Death of a Ladies' Man Gold Medal 1960 UK: Frederick Muller 1960 - both paperback originals
Reissued Robert Hale 1969 by "Robert Martin"
Suspicion Curtis 1971 UK: Robert Hale 1964

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Lee Roberts Author Biography - Information About the Author
Lee Roberts is a pseudonym of Robert Lee Martin, born 1908 and died 1976, he is listed in Hubin's crime fiction reference guide.
This Lee Roberts bibliography has been problematic, compiling it has resulted in a list of books iwth less information than we normally include. There are many more books included here than Hubin lists. The US Library of Congress turned out to be almost useless with hardly any books by Lee Roberts listed.
Books listed here with no publisher noted are held by the University of Oxford Libraries who do not provide publisher information, they are not held in the British Library - which is unusual, I wonder whether they're pulps rather than "normal" books ?
Most of the books, with full information in the bibliography, are scarce to very rare. Paperbacks turn up though, when applicable.

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