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Lee Falk Bibliography

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Lee Falk Series Character: The Phantom

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Mandrake the Magician 1961
Phantom, The prisoner of the Himalayas Nostalgia Press 1969 With Ray Moore
The Story of the Phantom
The Ghost that Walks 1
Avon 1972
The Slave Market of Mucar 2 Avon 1972 Set in the Middle-East
The Scorpia Menace 3 Avon 1972 Adapted by Basil Copper (Hubin states "Scorpion")
The Veiled Lady 4 Avon 1973
The Golden Circle 5 Avon 1973
The Mysterious Ambassador 6 Avon 1973
The Mystery of the Sea Horse 7 Avon 1973 Set in California
The Hydra Monster 8 Avon 1973
Killer's Town 9 Avon 1973
The Goggle Eyed Pirates 10 Avon 1974
The Swamp Rats 11 Avon 1974
The Vampires and the witch 12 Avon 1974
The Island of Dogs 13 Avon 1975
The Assassins 14 Avon 1975
The Curse of the Two Headed Bull 15 Avon 1975 Set in Africa

The Author: Lee Falk

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Lee Falk Author Biography - Information About the Author
Lee Falk is a pseudonym of Leon Harrison Gross who was bonr in 1911 and died in 1999, he is listed in Allen J Hubin's Crime Fiction Bibliography.
This is a complte list of the Phantom books, numbered and listed in order, all are first edition paperback originals published in the USA.
Most of the books in this bibliography are not listed in the American Library of Congress.
All of the above books by Lee Falk are collectable but they are available, online at least, so a full set of books is quiite "doable"

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