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Laurence Kirk Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Dangerous Cross-Roads Hutchinson 1928 A romance of the African jungle
One More River Hutchinson 1929
Flight Errant Hutchinson 1930 Library of Scotland calls for 1929
Whispering Tongues Heinemann 1934 US: Doubleday, Doran & Co, 1934
The Farm at Santa Fee Heinemann 1935 US: Doubleday, Doran & Co, 1935 as
The Farm at Paranao
Rings on her Fingers Heinemann 1936 US: Doubleday, 1936
Treasure on Earth Heinemann 1937
Mushrooms on Toast Heinemann 1938 Short stories
The Innocent Party: A Typescript Unknown 1938 Held by Victoria and Albert Museum library
By H.M. Harwood and Laurence Kirk
Red Herrings Ltd Cassell 1940
The Rocket and the Ricochet Blue Book 1946 Blue Book Magazine, March 1946 (Pulp mag')
Murder in the Sudd Blue Book 1948 Blue Book Magazine, October 1948 (Pulp mag')
The Gale of the World Cassell 1948 Dustwrapper artwork by Bainbridge
Matrimonial Causes Cassell 1949 Dust jacket priced 8s 6d
Halfway to Paradise William Blackwood 1951
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine Vol 19 Ellery Queen 1951 Short story, title unknown
Interrupted Holiday Amalgamated Press 1953 Short story, Argosy Magazine August 1953

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Laurence Kirk Author Biography - Information About the Author
Laurence Kirk is a pseudonym of Eric Andrew Simson (no "P" in Simson) who was born in 1895.
Laurence Kirk is an crime and mystery author, included in Hubin, although for the sake of a complete bibliography we've included his non mystery books and non-fiction works, everything held by the major reference libraries in fact.
Books published in America duly noted.
The books are very uncommon to rare in dust jacket, especially the earliest books obviously, and the author is collectable so nice copies are not going to be cheap if and when they turn up.

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