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Laurence Henderson Bibliography

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Laurence Henderson Series Character: Det Sgt Arthur Milton

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Laurence Henderson Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
With Intent George G. Harrap 1968 US: St. Martin's 1971
Sitting Target Harrap 1970 Dust jacket priced at 25s. Basis of a film
Starring Oliver Reed, Ian McShane, and Jill St. John
US: St. Martin's 1972
Cage Until Tame Harrap 1972 US: St. Martin's 1972
Major Enquiry Harrap 1976 US: St. Martin's 1976

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Laurence Henderson Author Biography - Information About the Author
Laurence Henderson was born in 1928, he is Hubon listed and his series character, Detective Sergeant Arthur Milton, appears in every bok listed above.
The books are not uncommon, online at least, and first edition books in dust jacket are modestly priced.

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