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Lange Lewis Series Character: Inspector Richard Tuck

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Murder Among Friends Bobbs Merrill 1942 UK: Bodley Head 1950 as
Death Among Friends
An Academic murder mystery
Features Lieutenant Richard "The Moose" Tuck
Juliet Dies Twice Bobbs Merrill 1943 UK: Bodley Head 1948
US: Paperback Dell 1943
An Academic mystery
Meat for Murder Bobbs Merrill 1943 UK: Bodley Head 1950
A vegetarian is murdered !
PB Dell 1847. Cover artist Earl Sherwan
Cypress Man as Jane Beynon Bobbs Merrill 1944 Only book as Jane Beynon (in Hubin)
The Birthday Murder Bobbs Merrill 1945 UK: Bodley Head 1951
US: Paperback Dell 1945
The Passionate Victim Bobbs Merrill 1952 UK: Bodley Head 1953
US PB, Mystery Digest Paperback #B176

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Lange Lewis Author Biography - Information About the Author
Lange Lewis is a pseudonym used by Jane Lewis Brandt who also used the pen name Jane Beynon (the one book duly noted in the list above), born 1915, the author is Hubin listed and the main series character is Lt/Ins Richard Tuck who appears in all the books listed in this bibliography.
The books are uncommon to rare in dust jacket, the American Dell softcover books make a visually pleasing addition or alternative to first edition books in jacket.
The books have recently been made available again by Wildside Press on a print-on-demand basis

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