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Gret Lane

Death in Mermaid Lane

Herbert Jenkins 1940
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Gret Lane

WITH the appearance of a nurse and child at the old inn in Mermaid Lane a sudden and terrifying fear took possession of Tree House opposite, and in this atmosphere of brooding terror, three mysterious and ruthless attempts were made upon the life of the nurse. Then Kate Marsh, heroine investigator of many a baffling mystery, took a hand in the affair. The furtive behaviour of everybody at Tree House, however, the strange actions of a man not quite sane and the cleverly concealed movements of a blackmailer immeasurably complicated the hazardous task. Two murders were committed and yet left Kate powerless to act. Then, by dint of slick reasoning and deduction, she got the lead she had been seeking and solved the problem in the nick of time to save a third victim from the killer. A mystery thriller of unusual merit by the accomplished author of Death Visits the Sm-mer'hovse and Three Died that Night,

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