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Gret Lane

The Guest with the Scythe

Herbert Jenkins 1943
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Gret Lane

AMONGST the company at Waterside was a mysterious and crafty blackmailer. As a result of heartless persecution one tragedy had already occurred ; and the atmosphere of suspicion and foreboding was accentuated by the strange behaviour of several ill-favoured guests. Kate Marsh, who many times before had successfully undertaken seemingly impossible and danger-our enterprises, was asked to track down the elusive blackmailer. Twice during her far-reaching investigation death claimed a victim. Kate, herself was marked as the third victim but, at the eleventh hour, by a lightning stroke she turned the tables on the homicidal genius whose evil designs had been so cunningly carried out. This exciting story with its highly dramatic and totally unexpected denouement is every whit as good as the best of Gret Lane's many previous novels.

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