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L.P. Davies Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Paper Dolls Herbert Jenkins 1964
The Artificial Man Herbert Jenkins 1965
Man Out of Nowhere Herbert Jenkins 1965
Tell it to the Dead John Long 1966
The Lampton Dreamers Herbert Jenkins 1966
Psychogeist Mayflower Books 1966
The Nameless Ones John Long 1967 As Leslie Vardre
Twilight Journey Herbert Jenkins 1967 Reprinted 1968 Science Fiction Book Club
The Alien Herbert Jenkins 1968
Dimension A Herbert Jenkins 1969 Dust jacket artwork by Kenneth Farnhill
Stranger to Town Herbert Jenkins 1969
Genesis Two Herbert Jenkins 1969 Dustwrapper artwork by Kenneth Farnhill
The White Room Barrie & Jenkins 1970 Dust jacket illustrated by John Barber
The Shadow Reforms Barrie & Jenkins 1971 Dust jacket art by John Barber
The Shadow Before Barrie & Jenkins 1971
The Groundstar Conspiracy Sphere 1972 BL lists only paperback, a PBO?
A film tie in starring George Peppard
The original book was The Alien
Give Me Back Myself Barrie & Jenkins 1972 Dust jacket design by Tony Bulley
What Did I Do Tomorrow ? Barrie & Jenkins 1972
Assignment Abacus Barrie & Jenkins 1975 Dust cover design by Michael Codd
Possession Robert Hale 1976
The Land of Leys Robert Hale 1980
Morning Walk Robert Hale 1983

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L.P. Davies Author Biography - Information About the Author
Leslie Purnell Davies was born in 1914 and is a pseudonym of Leslie Vardre.
The author is feaytured in Hubin but we've listed all of Davies' books that are in the British Library catalogue so this shoulod be a complete list of first edition books in order.
The Hubin listings are obviously crime fiction books, hence inclusion on this site, many listed above are Science Fiction novels though.
The books are collectable in dust jacket, both the crime/thriller novels and the Sci Fi books.
The books were published in America, usually by Doubleday, British editions generally precede though not in all cases.
Collectors will find the British editions considerably harder to find than their American counterparts.

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