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Leonard Noel Barker

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction titles

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Caid : a Love Story of Morocco Stanley Paul & Co 1925 Not in Hubin
A Riff Bride Stanley Paul & Co 1926 Not in Hubin
The Veil of Islam Stanley Paul & Co 1927
Isle of Innocence Stanley Paul & Co 1928
Bars of Steel. Stanley Paul & Co 1929
The Cardboard Hero Stanley Paul & Co 1930
Mystery Street Stanley Paul & Co 1930
Uneasy Years Stanley Paul & Co 1931
Star of Evil Stanley Paul & Co 1931
Kasbah A Romance of Morocco Stanley Paul & Co 1932 Not in Hubin
Flame of Folly Stanley Paul & Co 1933
One Last Chance Stanley Paul & Co 1933 Not in Hubin
Morocco Marriage Stanley Paul & Co 1934 Not in Hubin
The Golden Star. A Love Story of Tomorrow Stanley Paul 1935 Not in Hubin
Lady All Alone Stanley Paul 1936
Forbidden Frontiers Stanley Paul 1937
The Silver Shadow Stanley Paul 1944
Crescent Moon Stanley Paul 1947 Not criminous but listed in Hubin
Irma : A Romance of Morocco Stanley Paul 1949 Not in Hubin

L Noel Biography - Information About the Author
L Noel is a pseudonym of Leonard Noel Barker born in 1882.
For completion we've also included the books which are not crime fiction in nature, those are duly noted and are "Not in Hubin"
These books are uncommon in dust jacket and for collectors of the mystery fiction genre, rather than the author, check content as some of these are borderline titles, indeed, some perhaps should not be listed in Hubin
I don't believe these books were published in America

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