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Kurt Steel Bibliography

US & UK First Edition Books in Order

Kurt Steel Series Character: Hank Hyer

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Murder of a Dead Man Bobbs-Merrill 1935 Reissued in America by Crime Novel Selection in 1942 as
The Travelling Corpses
Murder for What ? Bobbs-Merrill 1936 Book set in New York City
US reprint Select Publications 1943
Cover artwork by George Dunsford Klein
Murder Goes to College Bobbs-Merrill 1936 Reissued by World Publishing in 1942
An Academic Mystery book
Love is Many Things Philadelphia Record 1937 Appeared in This Week magazine
Murder in G Sharp Bobbs-Merrill 1937 No British book published
Reissued Select 1942 asStrangler's Holiday
Crooked Shadow: A mystery novel Little Brown 1939 Dust jacket artist: Samuel H. Bryant
Reprinted Tower mystery Books 1943
Cover artist Jon Nielsen
UK Gerald G. Swan 1945
A World War II mystery novel
Judas Incorporated A mystery novel Little Brown 1939 US paperback Dell Pub Co, NY 1948
Dead of Night Little Brown 1940 UK: Gerald G. Swan 1944
Also serialized in Argosy magazine, 7 parts, in 1940
"The death of a publisher" (Bibliomystery ish)
Madman's Buff Little Brown 1941 Dust jacket artwork: Samuel H. Bryant
Reissued by Grosset & Dunlap in 1941
UK Gerald G. Swan 1945
"A Broadway theatre/show buisness backdrop"
The Imposter Harcourt Brace 1942 Dust jacket artwork by Hawkins
UK John Gifford 1945. British Library & Hubin state 1945
Welsh & Irish Libraries state a 1942 Gifford copy
Reprinted in UK by Thriller Book Club (1945)
"A Nazi, WWII espionage spy thriller"
Ambush House Harcourt Brace 1942 Dustwrapper artist: Arthur Hawkins Jr
No English edition known
"Both of Hank Hyer's clients want to kill each other!"
New York Murders - Various AUthors Duell Sloan 1944
The Friendly Slayer Better Publication 1947 In September Detective Novela pulp magazine
Short Story (Title?) Better Publication 1948 In Popular Detectivea pulp magazine

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Kurt Steel Author Biography - Information About the Author
Kurt Steel is included in Allen J. Hubin's crime fiction reference guide, Kurt Steel is a pen name used by Rudolf Hornaday Kagey.
Many of the American editions listed in this bibliography do not appear in the AMerican Library of Congress Catalogue for some reason, in fact the British Library holds more American publications?.
British editions have been listed as and when applicable.
A collectable author, the American first edition books can be found, early ones scarce in dust jacket and priced accordingly, later ones relatively common.
British edition are rarer, shorter print runs. Artwork is attractive though not classic, the Swan editions are somewhat cheap in production quality, reflects in the budget for the artwork too.

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