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Alanna Knight

Blood Line

Macmillan 1989
Jacket design Martin White

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Alanna Knight

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When the body was found Detective Inspector Jeremy Faro was at home at 9 Sheridan Place, taking afternoon tea with his mother and two small daughters, Rose and Emily. Basking in the rare and somewhat ill-fitting role of father, he hoped that the recent decrease in crime would continue, encouraged perhaps by an August unusually hot for Edinburgh. It would indeed be a pleasant change if he, in common with the City Police and Sheriff Court, might enjoy the small miracle of a respite from vice and law breaking. He was to be disappointed. Earlier that month, his mother had written from Orkney advising him to expect her on the 'long-promised' holiday in his new house. After careful deliberation and much heart searching, she had decided to brave the voyage to the mainland.

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