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Kenneth O'Hara Bibliography

UK and American First Edition Books

Kenneth O'Hara Series Character: Doctor Alun Barry

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction titles

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
A View to a Death Cassell 1958
Sleeping Dogs Lying Cassell 1960 US editon: Macmillan 1962
Underhandover Cassell 1961 US editon: Macmillan 1963
Double Cross Purposes Cassell 1962
Unknown Man, Seen in Profile Victor Gollancz 1967
The bird-Cage Gollancz 1968 American: Random House 1969
The Company of St George Gollancz 1972
The Delta Knife Gollancz 1976
The Ghost of Thomas Penry Gollancz 1977
The Searchers of the Dead Gollancz 1979 Set in Wales

Kenneth O'Hara Biography
Kenneth O'Hara is a pseudonym of Margaret Jean Morris, born 1928 or 1924?, who was a radio and television script writer.

For collectors the books are easily distinuished as first editions, no issue points. Gollancz jackets are th eusual unispiring yellow jackets and are relatively easy to find, the early Cassell titles much less so.

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