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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the crime and mystery fiction titles
Only the last book was published in the US. All are uncommon
As always with Hale, short print runs and large library allocations

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Long Reach Robert Hale 1956
Trader Brook Robert Hale 1957
Volcano Robert Hale 1958
The Purple Sheba Robert Hale 1959
The Death Masque Robert Hale 1962 Black cloth, green and silver titles
Dustwrapper priced 10/6
Published in the US 1962 by Roy

Dust Jacket Artist: Sadly, unknown

Kenneth Hayles ~ Author Biography
KENNETH HAYLES was born in the Isle of Wight in 1923 and earned his first reward for literary effort at the age of twenty with h is radio play Abandon Aircraft. Since then he has found success in a variety of mediums and has been responsible for the screenplays of more than a dozen British films. It was not until 1956 however that his first novel was published. This was The Long Reach, an Australian story written after a three year sojourn in that country. The radio rights for this book have since been acquired by the BBC. Of himself and his work he says : "I belong to the school of writers who believe the primary purpose of the novel is to entertain.

This may appear an excuse for a lack of profundity, but I don't think so. I possess no tortured soul that screams for expression. The simple truth is that I thoroughly enjoy the adventure of writing adventure." And adventure is not confined to his writing. Despite the loss of an arm at the age of eighteen, Kenneth Hayles has a healthy appetite for life. He is an inveterate traveller, preferring it rough. His hobbies include motoring, golf, shooting and fishing. 

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